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Can an London Escort Get Married and Be Faithful To Her Husband?

london escorts in london

Can an London Escort stop her work get married and love and be faithful to her husband until death do us part? A thought provoking discussion.

After 10 years exposure to the escort industry and after having met thousands of London escorts over that period and with a genuine enquiring heart and mind, we have formed an opinion about the question above.

Many top shelf escorts have such amazing lifestyles that for them to make the drastic change needed to settle into a life with a regular guy, well? Frankly we think its impossible. We heard allot of stories even of super rich getting hitched to an escort and falling in love and having babies but to the super rich guys all things including emotions are commodities to be owned, leased or traded and when the time is right they are to be released even at a depreciated rate and usually replaced. Loyalty has its price. And as soon as the price becomes out of balance with the returns then the super rich is working out how to minimise damages in a split.

This writer maybe is a pessimist and welcomes any proof that will cause a revised opinion. We even offer a reward of £200 for any real current and provable love story where an escort married a regular or even a super rich guy and her husband never cheat and she never cheat in the first 10 years they were together and they are still together now and have very good prospect to stay together. We have a small pot of £1000 for the first 5 couples that can verify on lie detector that they never cheated and they still together and that they are as romantically and sexually committed and involved as he first day they met.

The nature of the industry is such that we may not actually get visibility to such special achievements in real relations. Even without the incredible history of having an escort past any relationship is indeed challenging. In this modern age where everything is on demand and throw away. We are all in the pattern of temporary everything, well many of us anyway. And especially those that visit escorts and those escort that visit clients.

I want to end this discussion with an interesting calculation. 12 Million people in London. 6 million guys. eligible age 20-60 that is about 1/3 eligible to see escorts (possibly). from that we have 2 million guys. On average a client will see a girl 1 x per week. some 1 per month and some 2-4 times per week. But if we assume that the average is 1 time per week. And from the girls side we heard number that there is 5000 escorts in London. But we think its about half that at 2500. but lets assume worse case and be conservative and call it 5000. if we take 5000 escorts and if every escort had on average 10 bookings a week. that means there are 50,000 bookings a week in London. if we take that 50,000/2 million that means that only 0.025 or 2.5% of males see escorts in London. we think that this figure is very high and its more like 2500 escorts in London and about 1.25% of males in London visit escorts.

Most escorts believe that all men see escorts and most men that see escorts believe that the majority of males see escorts. But the reality couldn’t be further from the truth as you can get a rough idea from the calculations above. The participants have lost the ability to see objectively what is really going on and both girls and guys choose to believe what they feel, and justify to themselves, rather than what is. And this leads us to our final connecting point of why relations with escorts and guys who were clients come to an end. Both sides believe what they want. And in the end an escort will always think her husband is cheating. And this will always lead to a crack and an eventual lapse in the relationship.

Como Fazer um Bom Curso de Detetive?

A dica de hoje é para aquelas pessoas que sempre sonharam em fazer um bom curso de detetive mas que nunca souberam por onde começar, Todo mundo que quer se tornar um bom detetive, deve procurar uma boa instituição regulamentada e apta a emitir seu distintivo de detetive, logo que for aprovado no exame, Se você busca por qualidade no curso de detetive Particular, então entre no site e veja se consegue marcar para este ano ainda o seu exame.

Coisas Interessantes Para se Fazer com Uma Acompanhante em Porto Alegre

Acompanhante porto alegre

Uma das maiores virtudes do ser humano é poder se divertir e conhecer novas coisas ao longo do tempo, sendo assim, separamos algum conceitos diferente que com certeza irá lhe fazer enxergar que existe muitas coisas que podem ser feitas com uma acompanhante de Porto Alegre, seja um cinema, motel ou um final de semana.

O site de Acompanhantes de Porto tem lindas, maravilhosas e estonteantes acompanhantes e varias garotas de programa para você levar para sair para dançar, jantar ou seja, em um encontro ou qualquer outro tipo de programa. O site já conta com um catalogo de mais de 400 acompanhantes e a tendencia é crescer mais ainda.

Leia mais Sobre Acompanhantes Paracatu

Existem em Porto Alegre uma enorme variedade de boates, bares, restaurantes para você sair a noite, uma enorme variedade de lazer para distrair e depois quem sabe mais tarde se rolar um clima, ir para um motel de alto nível. Assim  como em outras cidades, Porto Alegre conta com uma estrutura de fazer inveja até mesmo em países como Londres e Nova York.

Uma outra opção para levar sua acompanhante seria um cinema, você pode até mesmo comprar o ingresso online no site:, O que torna assim o passeio ainda mais divertido e interessante pois assim, as chances dela se divertir com você é ainda maior, estudos mostram que assistir um filme antes de uma noite de sexo aumentam o desempenho dos parceiros como pode constatar o portal Mdemulher.

Existem na internet vários artigos e guias de como se comportar na presença de uma acompanhante de luxo de Porto Alegre, um bom artigo é do site R7 que trás uma boa maneira de lidar com situações inusitadas, e evitar levar a garota de programa para lugares que não são adequados, pois toda acompanhante é uma pessoa normal, que vive o dia a dia de uma forma diferente e que tem sua rotina bastante alternada, confira no link mais informações sobre isso:

Obrigado por nos visitar e volte sempre!


5 Things You Need To Know About League of Legends T-Shirts

League of Legends t-shirts

League of Legends is the must played games since 2013, the LOL championship was streamed to more than 1.000.000 People only on Twitch TV, this makes this game so popular that its almust impossible not to like it, all the champions, skins and items are perfect to use as a T-Thirt.

Here you can find 5 Things You Need To Know About League of Legends T-Shirts

1° All the shirts are unique, well made, and its fits perfectly in your body. your friends will be really suprised with the design.

2° Shirts like those can make you popular at school and make you new friends, you can even play with them online!

3° Its not spensive, a League of Legends T-Shirts costs around $35 to $50, so what are you wating for?

4° Your friends will love to receive from you as a gift, or maybe you can troll them and play with his favorite champion

5° Must of the players dont like to use shirts, maybe they dont know how to find them! so its time to show them how good are them

You can Read more about How is made a SilkScreen Shirt here:

That is it, a lot of shirts are avaiable to be ordered, its easy, simple and fast to get one of those to yourself, you can even sned the splash art of your favorite champion and send to them, they will impress and ship to you, easy and quickly. What you need to know about the shirts is they are made of cotton, this is good, because cotton doen’t heat, and make you sweat too much.

So even when you are playing or watching your favorite youtuber or streamer, you will find that League of Legends T-Shirts are perfect to you use in any event of your life, is your sister getting married? no problem, just get some lol shirts and bring it to the weading. ( Im Just kidding, dont do that!)

Thanks for reading!